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Platy said:
Its the way you ask questions when people have different opinions to you.

Well that's you yet again reading too much into it and creating something out of nothing. I wasn't being defensive, just curious why you thought that. I'll make sure to  never to ask you a question again though, because you clearly don't like being asked them. ;)
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Here are some of my first impressions after my initial few hours playing Seraph (purchased Sep. 23, 2016 directly through Steam & played using a wired/USB Xbox 360 controller/gamepad)...

• Pros
+ relatively simple to pick-up-&-play
+ solid visuals, audio, controls, action, story, & functional quality/stability for the price
+ I like the built-in auto-aim & the fact that it also gives you some optional aim control
+ defensive dodge/blink ability can get you out of some dicey situations
+ ability & item upgrades provide some progression & customization
+ replayability looks like a key design component baked-in
+ default weapon has infinite ammo, so you're never unarmed
+ daily & weekly challenges with rewards

• Cons
- taking damage from unseen off-screen threats
- taking damage from threats that are obscured/hidden by visual effects
- cheap tactics by some enemies (like instantly spawning or teleporting on you)
- movement/survival can feel trapped in some confined/cramped environments
- reduced max health when respawning despite being difficult already at full health
- health refills/pick-ups often seem hard to come by
- some pick-ups/bonus-items seem to visually blend into the background/environment & can be easy to miss
- many upgrades look like a very long grind, with incremental steps so tiny that it makes me wonder "do I really want to keep playing to collect so many pick-ups just for a 2% upgrade on a single stat?"

• My wish list for improvements (in addition to addressing cons listed above)
^ mini-map visible or accessible during game-play
^ built-in support for borderless full-screen window option
^ built-in configurable frame-rate cap option
^ ability to carry multiple secondary/back-up weapons
^ ability to view & change all game options & upgrades from pause menu during game-play

• Summary
So far, Seraph has been fun enough to make me want to keep playing. I think it's a good value for its price. It delivers on its claims, and it works without crashing/freezing or suffering from major game-breaking defects (for me, so far). The things I wish were different about the game are not enough to ruin all the fun in it for me (yet?), but it's always such a nagging feeling when games repeatedly make me think "this game could be almost perfect IF only _____" (fill in the blank).

• Quick beginner's tip
From what I can tell so far (just a few hours in), it seems you do not take damage from touching enemies - enemies only damage you with their attacks - so you can get right up in their face & walk through enemies for close-quarters combat without taking damage, as long as you avoid their attacks... and enemies display a preemptive icon right before they attack.

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Totally agree with you. The only issue is they broke wheel FFB, it feels awful compared to H2. But on PC as it's a UWP it uses the impulse triggers using the X1 controller so I'm still having fun.

 The best change they made is allowing you to change the races, so I don't need to do 3 lap races, I set each one to at least 10 laps :D It's cool on PC that I can play against Xbox players.
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I have to say, Forza Horizon 3 is damn good fun. A game well worth it's price tag, filled with content, and it features a Reliant. What more could you possibly want?

This and the Bioshock Collection should keep me well-occupied over the next few weeks.
For the PC version not to cost £50?

I'm waiting for Mafia 3 now, paid £27.99 from GMG for it which is a great price tag for a game that's that big.
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For some odd reason FH3 suddenly started only using my dedicated PhysX GPU and not my main card. No idea why,  but the only way to make it use my main GPU was to remove the PhysX card, very weird.

Edit: All this time the game was actually only using my PhysX card which is only a GTX670, now it's using my 980 it's pretty much 60fps all the time. :joy:

Thought I'd take a classic pic, but I had to take a photo of the photo using my phone, as Forza server isn't working at the moment.

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