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Good find can't wait to try it :)

yeah sounds interesting.

Just hada cracking race on F1 2012 starting 17th after a compromised qualifying to win the race at Catalunya took quite a drive to get there but it was absolutely thrilling passing Perez on the last lap to take the win definitely had to push hard to get there.

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SynGamer said:
SynGamer said:
I don't think my upload speed (2MB) is fast enough to proper stream on my PS4. I've watched other PS4 streams and they look pretty damn good IMO.
I have a 3-4 mb download and facebook upload option took awhile.
3-4mb download or upload?
Download, uploading is slow.
Yeah, I was going g to say that 3-4mb is rather slow, and usually your upload speed is slower than the DL speed.
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Platy said:
Hopefully its good to drive. Will be disappointing if they've neglected the actual driving part.
It's an arcade game, and they've admitted that, so I don't harbour much hope. With any luck, some of these goodies end up in GT7.
Article says they've been working with Thrustmaster, seems a bit of a strange thing to do if it's a full-on arcade game.
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