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SynGamer said:
So I pre-ordered Diablo 3, Dead Island 2, and NHL 15 Ultimate Edition at Amazon thanks to the 30% off deal. All on PS4. Can't wait :D
Over here pre orders don't count towards the in store sales/specials :(
Amazon.ca and BestBuy.ca are both offering 30% off when you ore-order 3 or more games. Since prices are $5-10 higher in Canada already, this makes sense...unless I want to wait 6-12 months after games release to buy them. Which I don't ;)
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fIsince08 said:
Already pre ordered GRID AS and I quite fancy FIFA this year.

yeah I've preordered Grid Autosport too the more I see of it the more I like I'm liking that it seems that CM have put a lot of effort into the career mode this time around. I just hope the F1 team have been taking notes because they're in danger of getting left behind unless we see some improvement in that game too especially given the number of driving games coming out at the end of the year this year. F1 2014 needs to show  improvements on it's predecessors and fast. Otherwise just as Mercedes have done with the rest of the F1 field they'll be left behind in the tyre smoke

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