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Still terrible

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So after a very long break of playing, due the fake races and crazy bots. I thought I wonder which league I have dropped to. So from the top pro league I was in league 3. Worked my way up to whatever the league above pro gold is. 
It is still ****. All races are fake, bots either leave you alone or crash in to you like it’s a banger race. 
I get a winning streak of 27 then race a guy/bot who’s best around Miami is 1:25 and he does it in 1:18 meanwhile I’m getting hit by everything. 
Same old **** in a different shade. 7F04E052-1926-479E-807D-C6F77FF87137.thumb.png.f16f1e1e09895b90fb7a665e327ca388.png

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