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Car started driving itself

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Help! I feel like someone is remotly making my car crash! This happens in both online events and custom. Have anyone else had this problem? It started as soon as i made a Racenet account and logged in. It also does this in dirt rally 1.0!

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19 hours ago, mcavallier said:

ok, that's just weird. how often does this happen?

It happens all the time. I am pretty sure someone hacked me or malware. The car crashes itself intentionally during online races and custom. It is making the game pretty much unplayable and I am very disappointed because I am recoverong from severe depression and only thing keeping me happy is playing these games. If someones hacking I hope they feel atleast a littlebit ashamed about this bullcrap. But I am not going to let these haclers or malware bring me dowm I still Love these games and I will soldier on, nomather what! Who and where should I contact to possible correct this issue? I only get directed to dirt twitterpage when I try but I dont hava a twitter account?



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