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What happened to Full Damage


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This game is supposed to be Full damage in online playlists.......if thats the case, why is it impossible to wreck the car. 

Yes I can kill the car into a wall, but your magical flashback respawns my car.......thats not full damage. 

CM What the HELL?

Dont you guys realise just how satisfying and hilarious it is reading,  [FRENCHIE] has terminally damaged their vehicle!!!

I tried to explain to you how flashbacks are meant with good intentions, but are used for the purposes of evil.  A bit like nuclear power, great for generating electricitiy, but FATAL in the hands of the bad guys.  

Now youve told us we have full damage, but we dont.  I T-boned a few walls in a loaner car, and it gives you the slow mo crash with your car exploding, but you see this for about 0.2 seconds before magic happens and your car is fixed. 

Total BS.   

On the whole CM the game is FFRRREEEAAKKIIINNNGGG awesome!!  But a few subtle changes are needed to really improve the online aspect.  :  

Random grid order
True Full Damage

Im not going to moan about the flashbacks, they dont seem to be causing issues like we saw with grid2.  Handling model may have something to do with that though.  

It feels more like forza than Grid 1, a good thing I say.   If you want to do well braking to an appropriate speed for the turn really helps.  A technique not required in Grid 2.

Good game CM  
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