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F1 22 - setups make no difference to me, help

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I have a tendency of writing essays to ask one question so I'll try to mention just dry facts

1. Who writes this i.e. my experience: 99h on F1 2019, 142h on F1 2020, 125h on F1 22. All using a steering wheel, all of my 2019 and ~half of the 2020 career was on a cheap 180 degrees total turn rate spring-loaded Thrustmaster. The rest is on the famous cheapest FFB wheel, Thrustmaster T150.

In F1 22 I can currently stay competitive against AI of around 85 on most tracks, dry. Not sure what that number would be for F1 2020 as I've never looked for that limit. By no means world record beating performance, but I am not a casual either


2. The issue I have: (note: this isn't like a bug within the game, more of a skill issue I imagine) Changing settings in suspension, specifically suspension, antiroll bars and ride height, makes NO difference to me. To keep it as brief as I can I'll give you one example that happened on like day 3 of F1 22's world-wide release


I was practicing Imola, first time ever. On some youtuber's setup I established that my absolute best was slightly below 1:18:000. Hoping, as I always secretly do, that maybe if I make some ridiculous setup changes I will finally FEEL the impact suspension elements of the setup have on the car. The "good" setup was something right about: suspension 6-1, antiroll bars 6-1, ride height 3-5. Trying to see the surely monumental difference I changed suspension and antiroll bars to 1-11. Went out for a hotlap and proceeded to set my fastest time yet on the first try. Ever since then my hope is truly lost.


How is it that I can make such ridiculous tweaks and feel like NOTHING changed? Immediately setting the fastest time yet to add salt the the wound. Can anyone relate? Has anyone ever experienced that, but eventually reached the conclusion of why that is? I can accept that maybe I'm just too many seconds off of a good pace to even notice the benefit of a more responsive front or whatever, I just wish I knew what's going on.


I've never completely given up trying, but I feel truly hopeless. Trying to see the difference I was hotlaping around Brazil on ride heigh 3-5, then changed to it the popular 11-7. No. Bloody. Difference. To me at least. Not in the straight line, not over bumps(wasn't paying much attention to be fair), but I noticed nothing.


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The site bugged to me as I was creating the account, that's why I accidentally posted the same thing 3 times(by going to the previous page) constantly thinking it didn't post again). I apologize. And cannot find a remove button so I guess they'll just hang there until a moderator removes them..

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