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F1 2014


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Al needs to be a lot better and more realistic, you don`t expect one of the top drivers to make a mistake as much as a rookie.

The Al need to take some risks while trying to overtake, at the moment they only try in the DRS zone.

Al to suffer from tyre wear and get the odd puncture.

Less tyre wear, some races were impossible if the tyres overheated if there was a long corner such as China or Spain, especially difficult as the Al didn't suffer. 

It would be better to see the safety car much more and maybe to see marshals clearing the car off the track instead of the car just disappearing.

Why not have all three practice sessions.

Standings shown after the session the same as you see on TV to make it feel more realistic.

Your helmet to have all the different team logos and sponsors depending on which team you are in, at the moment they look a bit plain.

Your name and nationality to be on the car and your overalls.

Realistic penalties.

It would be good to have a circuit TV whilst in the garage like in real life and what they did for F1 2009.


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