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Sensible Days 2016 - SWOS 96/97 World Cup

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SWOS 96/97 World Cup

This year's 'Sensible Days' will take place in Bornerbroek (Almelo) in the Netherlands on the weekend of 20th/21st of August 2016.

Traditionally, there will be two main events
- PC (20th Aug., played on Win98 PCs)
- AMIGA (21st Aug., played on A1200s)
with two side events (XBLA and Classic Sensi 1.2)

Everybody is welcome to join the tournaments.
You can arrive on Friday and stay until Monday.

Tournament fee is € 120,- for 3 nights stay with 8 meals, unlimited snacks and drink with participation in all four tournaments. For shorter stays etc. different rates apply.

More information can be found on our website at:

You can ask all questions concerning shorter stays etc. there, or contact us via email: sensidays2016@gmail.com. You can also ask a question via Facebook on this very page or pm Rock and Roll here http://www.facebook.com/colin.roll.

Hope to see you this summer! THE DAYS MUST GO ON!!!!!

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Playaveli said:
It's about one of Codemasters' official games (back catalogue, though). So, not really OFF TOPIC... ;)

Actually CM didn't make Sensible Soccer I believe it was Acclaim who did
Sensible Software made the game. 
Sensible Software was bought / taken over by Codemasters in 1999, incl. the complete back catalogue.

Date: 29th May, 1999!

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