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Endless loading screen loop coop career F1 2021


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  • A detailed description of the issue.
    • Me and my friend try and continue from the coop lobby. The game starts loading in the next track or garage (spain in our case) and after that the ******** begins. We are then stuck in an endless loop where the game loads the track and then just starts over with that process again. We briefly get to see the "Waiting for players" and the "starts in 0:00" before the screen goes black and then the loading begins yet again. 
  • Report Code
    • Dont get a report code because the game never crashes, It's just stuck trying to load the track over and over.
  • Platform?
    • PC
  • Game-mode?
    • 2 player Coop career
  • [ONLINE] The amount of players in your session? If you know the players forum username, please tag as many people who were in your session here.
    • Dont know if I need to answer this one but 2. Only me and my friend.
  • [ONLINE] Were you the host?
    • Not sure but I'd say no, my friend made the career and invited me to it.
  • [PC ONLY] Please post your DXDiag, including the make and model of motherboard.
    • 1QcnKd.jpg
  • What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried.
    • The following steps have been tried by both me and my friend to try and fix the issue. Verifying the game files. Restarting our pc's multiple times. Double and triple checking drivers, any potential windows updates. 
  • Any screenshots or video of the issue? Remember to add as unlisted if video via a third party. 
    • Not my video but this is the exact issue we're having. We have tried the solution that worked for them without sucess. 
  • How do you make the problem happen? Please add a step-by-step guide here so we can replicate and get reported as quick as possible.
    • Pretty straight forward. Lanuch the game. go into two-player career. try to launch the session. Watch the nevereending loading screen. 
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