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Rainwater drops not dissolving and rain drops causing drop "flashing" 16.1 and Hotfix AMD Drivers

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Hi All
I have been having an issue with the the subject line, The drops not disappearing off the screen. (lots of little crowns as the drop hits) After a whole stage almost un drivable as so much screen clutter and with manic rain drops causing a white rain drop flashing issue as they hit the "screen"
I have gone through all internal driver setting on the driver side of the problem, turned on and off, tried within the game, no fix.  (inc Shader Cache!)

Didnt want to downgrade my graphics options within my game. So they are still set on Ultra running at 1440 Monitor setting. No issues with FPS at all

Gone back to 15.12 driver, problem seems to be fixed again. But would like to run the latest drivers from AMD as they seem to have really started to improve the efficiency of  the drivers so getting pretty good improvements on other games with new drivers.

System is
Windows 10 Pro (10586 Build)
Intel 4790k @ 4.7GHz
Gigabyte Z97X-Gaming 7 (F8 Bios)
16Gb RAM @ 2400
290X Sapphire Tri-x-OC @ 1140 / 1350 (125mV + )
Xonar DX Audio Card
G27 Wheel 

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Maybe a silly question, but did you have your windscreen wipers turned on? Also, the lower weather settings in graphics options don't actually look worse, they just look different. There are no rain drops in your face (that also fixes the white flases) but rain falls down in sheets, which is actually kind of a cool effect

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Hi Didzis
Thanks for the comments, i am a wimp and i dont run it "in car" view, i use bonnet view (not behind the car like my kid does!), see more ahead with no wheel or uprights in the way! So i dont need wipers/see wipers.
Its definitely a graphical glitch as it only runs half  the animation of the drops hitting the camera and only when you are not moving, i worked out. The rain drop flashes happen all the time.

If i have to use the 16.1 drivers for other games i will see if the lowering of the weather effects helps as going back a driver set has sorted the problem

Thanks again

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