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On 7/5/2020 at 8:41 PM, Janneman60 said:

Nevertheless I crashed halfway stage 1, not a heavy crash but lost about 10 seconds to @UnderclassGDfan, I took seconds back on ss2 and lost that on ss3.

I was absolutely terrible in SS1, had many mistakes including a roll.
SS2 wasn't much better, only SS3 was ok, but slow.

On 7/5/2020 at 8:41 PM, Janneman60 said:

Starting ss4 I decided to no longer try to hold on with the speed of @UnderclassGDfan as I knew I would crash again. So I was a bit slower in the first sectors and then he crashed out of the rally. Exactly what I was afraid of to happen.

😞 😢 😭

After 2 retirements I'm out of the championship-run, I guess.

@Dytut's 131 doesn't seem to be competitive, the car just can't compete against the Escort.

I hope @denim398 will push you hard through the season, @Janneman60! Or this championship will be quite boring 😄 
I love to drive the Kadett, but it's more difficult to be on my limit in that car, than I thought.

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Another terrible performance from myself.

Had a moment in SS1 in the first half, were I rolled the car off the track.
Got a 17 seconds time penalty for that, uff...
Cost me 20+ seconds in total.
Rest of the stage was okish, bit slow I guess.

SS2 was without big problems, was only once off the track for a short time, but was not that big of an incident.

SS3 was...a huge disaster 🤣
I had the stupid idea to push hard on softs in the first 2 stages and "survive" somehow the wet 3rd stage.
Didn't worked out.
Lost way too much time and was off track twice for a quite long time.
And also got a 12 second penalty at the second off.

SS4 to SS7 was better, but had one big mistake on each stage.


Don't know whats going on again with my performance, the car is pretty nice to drive actually.

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Spain was ok.. Except for ss2. Started with touching the inside on the first left, flew straight into je valley. Don't have hud on, but I guess a 30 second penalty. Then I tried to push to regain time.... Went off twice more, and some really bad driving. 

All other stages was ok, but not super fast. Did it all on wets, except for ss7 where I didn't make use of the softs grip at all. 

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Tyre/tire choice and how to maintain them, that was what this rally was about.

For the first 3 stages I took wets. I know a stage (ss3) in the wet with softs is not what you want. Still had to survive the first two stages and leave some decent tyres for ss3. So kept it steady without to much wheelspin. But on ss2 I made a mistake which gave me a half minute loss and I left half the car behind. I made it all up on ss3 and took the lead.

The second leg was obvious with wets. Again took it steady on ss4 and ss5 to save the tyres. This paid of big in ss6 were I was fastest.

On ss7 I could finally have a blast without worrying about tyres.

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First leg of Sweden was rather bad, my setup was way too nervous in the front so couldn't push at all. Did some on the fly adjustments for the second leg, and after that it felt much better. Still impossible for me to match pace, but a step in the right direction. 

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This was that once in a while when you make a setup, do a testrun, and think it is perfect.

First leg I was a bit to eager, on the throttle to fast now and then, and loosing a bit with it. Still slightly fastest in all 3 stages.

The second leg I drove a bit more relaxed and was fastest easily.

In the end a good result. In the total ranking it stays close this way 😀

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1 hour ago, Janneman60 said:

While I was enjoying myself on the Monaco stages it seems most of the others were just struggling there?

Yeah went horribad. Once again I tried to make a setup that was fast, but I soon found it pretty unpredictable. And I really suck at RWD, I think I try do drive them too much like a 4WD.

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Well, was at least competitive again.

In USA I was just slow, did just 2 mistakes wich costed 5 seconds each.
In Sweden I was also very slow (like always) and had a record breaking 3 spins, 3 rolls and 2 big time penalties on a single stage 😄 

In Monaco I was leading after the first leg, but spun the car on a very slow 2 left on the early snow part in SS4.
I managed to get stuck on the snowbank and had to reset and got 8 seconds.
Did an another mistake a few corners later were I just understeered into a red car and had to reverse back.
These 2 mistakes costed me 20 seconds alone.

The most stu*** mistake I did in SS2 and SS6 on the very same spot.
Just a small right/left-combo, wich you can go through almost flatout, but managed to crash both times 🤣


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Great stuff, very close at the end. I understeered into a bank on the third stage, then seeing how close thing were, I went Harry Flatters on the last stage, but clipped a bank and spun round towards the end of the stage, only cost me a few seconds,but that was enough.


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Cool, actually managed to almost keep pace in australia 😄

Then I threw it away on the final stage, slow slide off stage and kept sliding into auto reset, but the reset hit me with something like a minute penalty even though I was slow 😮

Oh well, some good signs for my RWD performance at least.

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I was doing good untill I made a mistake in ss6 which gave me a puncture. Sure I had a spare but it is a known bug that sometimes the game decides different. So most of ss6 with a flat one. Hoped for service before ss7 but it wasn't there. So also ss7 with the flat tire. So I went from hero to zero.

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