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58 minutes ago, Snaky115 said:


Stage 5 - Fortunately i got out of this pickle instantly to continue this bumpy run of USA. Lost 2-3 in each stage since i kept cussing out High deg+Wet combo the entire time i was driving.

I managed to go even worse in SS5. Not my season 😛

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Sooo, now a little review of the last 3 events 😄 


Only one bigger mistake in SS3, were I touched a white pole(?), I don't know how they were called in english, lol.
I spun in 90°, but could Immidiately continue. Cost a few seconds, but not many.


No big mistakes, but sometimes a bit too cautious.
@Snoopy43 destroyed my time quite heavily, a little frustrating, but ok 😄 


Big drama here!
Was pretty tired, but still managed to run the first 3 stages smoothly.

And on SS4 I crashed twice.
Had some sort of a black out and just drived straight into rocks on corner exit, really strange.
On the last corner, a 5 or 6 left I touched a tree with the rear left and slided into the woods.

Had no puncture but the car smoked quite a bit.

I pushed hard in SS5 & 6, because I hoped to rescue 2nd place.
I lost 1-2 seconds each sector until the 5th, were I started gaining time back.
In the end I was in front, so I pushed even harder in SS6.

The car had definitely some power lost, but it didn't got worse strangely.
In service area I could repair everything, the engine was down by around 70%.

On SS7 I just tried to bring it home with that small lead and it worked, wohoo! 😃

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A good event for me, too. I wasn't sure about the grip level in the rain, so I held back too much in SS1. SS2 and SS3 were better, but it really started to click after service. I managed to reduce the gap to @Dytut to 5 seconds, then lost 2 again in SS6. I pushed hard in SS7, although I knew I was probably too far back. Gained 2 seconds in the first two sectors, then I was too optimistic in a fast righthander and left the road. I managed to get the car sideways before I hit a rock, so I just lost a few seconds and didn't even get a puncture. Finally some good luck and a very inspiring fight till the end. That's the way it should be!

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I've come to the conclusion that I really, really, *really* don't like the Fabia in gravel spec. Tarmac seems to work fine, but whatever I do the gravel spec car just randomly tries to kill me. This time I went with pretty much vanilla settings, and it worked fine until it suddenly tried to kill me. Then tried to remedy that with some settings at service, which made it try to kill me in different ways. Then tried adjust that for the last stage, and it tried to kill me in other ways.

I've driven a bit with the Fiesta R5 and the Polo R5, and both of them are so much easier and less random than the Fabia for me. The Fiesta is the most kind, the Polo slightly more twitchy but can be handled. The Fabia is just completely schizo, feeling even more mellow and controlled than even the Fiesta until provoked just slightly and it suddenly just bites my head off.

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R5 wheelbases are sensitive to high stage degradation, i honestly want to uninstall while driving SS3, i am hitting the bump stop every 100 meters! With +3 bumps and max ride height and 2 clicks stiffer suspension! -_- I haven't even finished the stage i am so fed up. 🤣


EDIT: forgot to record the SS3 front somersault i had on the sharp double jump around mid-stage, ditch on right, fence on left. Just, somersault out of nowhere. I am going to bed.

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I feel you @Snaky115. I front flipped pretty much on complete random aswell. And not the first time with the Fabia.

That's one thing that pretty much never has happened to me with the Fiesta, so at least not as prevalent with that R5 chassi. But then again, I've pretty much no experience with the pug or space star R5s, so no idea how they behave.

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I am back after (a great) 3 weeks holiday.

Ss1 a bit rusty and uncomfortable and lost 12 seconds. From there on it went better and better and slowly I made up on @Snaky115, past him and got a 9,4 seconds gap on him after ss6.

Then ss7 on the last corner going through the water I ended in the fence...

Lost 9,1 seconds and beat him with just 0,3 seconds. 😀

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Decent start in SS1, then I rolled in SS2 when the Peugeot reacted quite strangely after touching the concrete gravel at the side of the road. After that, a few more near crashes in SS3. Took a break, had dinner and a glass of wine and that obviously worked. The second half of the rally was much smoother and my times not too far off. Hmmm...

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Another review:


Was a close battle till the end and I throwed away the chance of winning it right at the beginning of SS7 by touching the gras on the outside with the back of the car and spun, lost a few seconds there.


Clipped the inside of a corner in 7th sector in SS6 and got a puncture. Did the rest on 3 wheels, but lost around 10 seconds due to this...meh.
Another almost win lost.


Clipped the inside of a hay bale chicane in SS2...puncture. Had to do the rest of SS2 and SS3 on 3 wheels.
Another chance to win ruined. These mistakes always...arrgh 😄 


I had two moments were I could have ruined the rally again, but I had luck this time.
First was in SS2 were I run over a big rock with both left wheels and even got in the air, but no puncture or big damage.
Second was early in SS4 were I clipped the inside AGAIN and hit some logs, but got away with it again.
Felt I got slower and slower losing faith from stage to stage, but made it to the end without any big trouble.
Could have been faster, but also MUCH worse 😄 

And for next season, do we wanna do a Ford Fiesta MkII R5 only season or better a different class?
I also think about voting for Group B 4WD if I win and not using one of the two obvious choices.

What do you guys think?

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51 minutes ago, Snaky115 said:

Shame we don't have car whitelisting like DR1 clubs, but we can try our best when the time comes.

Yeah, that would be a really helpful feature.

But, if we all manage to stick to a single car per championship, I don't see why we can't exclude cars internally.
The only problem is to make the non-forum-users aware we have that rule.

I know, there is the textbox on the website with infos about the club, but is this also shown on the clubs-page in-game?
And if yes, would people see this before they choose the car?

I really, really would like to do a Group B 4WD championship without the Delta and 205.
Or a Escort RS Cosworth championship! The new sound is awesome, a shame I still don't drive the car often, not to say almost never...

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Excluding the Lancia Delta might be enough. It's far superior to the Peugeot in my opinion and much easier to drive on the limit.

In other news, I didn't expect much from Scotland because of my still quite limited knowledge of the track and it showed. A puncture near the end of SS1, a spin and a roll in the next two stages. In SS4 I crashed and punctured right at the start, so I had to change the tyre. In SS5 and 6 I had to slow down to avoid further punctures and the car was once again severely damaged and down on power. Quickfixed everything and had a nice last stage. Far too many mistakes this season. But to be honest, a podium in Scotland was out of the question, even with a clean rally.

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