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  • 3 weeks later...

I definitely have interest and wanted to ask the same, but had some health issues recently, so I thought to wait until new year.
If nothing changed I should still be an admin, so I could set up a new championship, if I get the informations necessary.

So I need the votes for:

@somethingthing car class (with a possible gentlemen's agreement to not pick one or more cars)
I choose the "shifted year" calendar
@Dytut excluded rally
@Janneman60 safari rally
@Freddygore weather rally

(for some reason it doesn't tag the last two)
Detailed info about the picks can be found in the start post.

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Still missing the car class from @somethingthing.
If he doesn't decide the class by next sunday, a vote will decide in wich class were racing.
Put your vote as a comment in here until sunday, please.
Including gentlemen's agreements.

My vote goes to: up to 2000cc without Citroen C4 Rally and Ford Focus RS Rally 2007.

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6 hours ago, UnderclassGDfan said:

Il manque toujours la classe de voiture de @quelque chose.
S'il ne décide pas de la classe le dimanche prochain, un vote décidera dans quelle classe se déroulait la course.
Mettez votre vote en commentaire ici jusqu'à dimanche, s'il vous plaît.
Y compris les accords de gentlemen.

Mon vote va à: jusqu'à 2000 cm3 sans Citroen C4 Rally et Ford Focus RS Rally 2007.

Ok too for 2000 cm3 !

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Ok, I have set up the next championship.
I tried to recreate what @SkyRex did (6 longs, 1 short), but also included some logic to the track degradation.
Medium service time after 3 stages except for safari rally.
There is no service on the safari rally and thats the first rally, so keep that in mind.
It's completely dry, didn't wanted to make it too difficult.

I also didn't put much night and rain stages to the stages, because I wanted to keep it simple.

Every rally goes 1 week, starting this monday at 6am.
It doesn't start immidiately, because I wanted to have the full weekend for everybody to run the rally.

Safari Rally: Germany (first rally)
Weather Rally: Wales (8th rally, all sun, no wet, rain or night stages)
Excluded Rally: Argentina (why @Dytut, WHYYYYYY??? 😭)
Calendar: Shifted year
Car Class: R5 with gentlemen's agreement to not pick the Ford Fiesta R5 MKII

Used the car too often lately anyway...
And sorry for the long wait, I'm just honest: I was lazy 🤣

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I definitely won't pick the old Fiesta R5, because I used it at least two times in this club already and generally use it very often.
I'm not a big fan of the french cars...one is ugly as hell and the other is farting all the time at the starting area... 🤣

So Polo, Fabia or Space Star.
I have not much experience in the Space Star, used very rarely, so maybe it's time for some errr...space action!? 😄 
But not sure yet.
The Polo has some awesome sound, but I don't like how the cockpit looks.
The Fabia is like my ex: looks nice, but gets crazy sometimes.


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Of course I had to take one of the up to now unused cars, so I chose the Peugeot.

Surprised myself with my speed because I just tried to be smooth and not to risk too much. Dropped one place back as I wasn't able to manage the tyres better and had one crash in the last stage, but third place right now is a lot better than I anticipated. Nice.

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