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The last two rallies were similar, Both times, I tried to do too much with worn tyres in SS3 which resulted in heavy crashes, In Poland it was an instant retirement, in Greece I was able to go on with a big time loss. The car was too heavily damaged to repair everything, so I had to nurse it home over the last stages, definitely lacking some horsepower.

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Heyho, anyone still interested for another season?
Or should we extend the break a little longer?

I need your votes to make another season, but not sure if @misix ist still around these forums.
Wich car class should we do next?

Last season was a little frustrating for me, lost a bit motivation towards the end.
The Kit Cars are just not my thing I guess.

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I for myself will have a few different games to play in the coming weeks with AC: NH DLC, FH5, GTA Trilogy and Halo Infinite around the corner.
And Metroid Dread is still waiting for me to play, too.

More games than time to play, like always.
If I could tell my 12 year old me at some point I will have 5 brand new awesome games to play within a month, my 12-year old mind would explode 🤣

But I still will do my club runs, if you guys wanna do a season.
I won't stop playing DR2.0 anyway. I just can't.
I have a Series X since 3 days and the game looks much better and the load times are insane now.

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Even if it's called "The Forum's Club", not everybody competing is active here. So I don't think making a list is making much sense. For example, we haven't heard from our last winner about the choice of car class for next season.

For my part, I'm fine with every start date for next season. And if @misix (if that's him) doesn't post here, we could make a poll or @UnderclassGDfan as the second placed driver decides.

My preferred car classes would be H3 RWD and Group A.


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I agree with @YoMrWhite, a list doesn't necessarily make any sense. Just set up a new season and whoever joins, joins. Hopefully, as many as possible. 🙂
That said, I'm in, and crossing my fingers for a RWD season, either Group B or Rally GT.
As for weather forecast (5th place perk); My choice is Sweden, 3 night stages with snow, and the remaining 4 stages in clear weather.

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Ok, guys'n'gurls, let's make a simple democratic vote for the car class.
And I decide at the end, if we do it or not! (just kidding 🤣)

Car Class: will be voted
Season Structure: Frostbite
Excluded Rally: Spain
Safari Rally: Australia
Weather Rally: Sweden (3 night stages with snow + 4 clear stages)

Until now I got votes for:

+2 H2 RWD
+2 H3 RWD
+3 Group B RWD
+1 Group A
+1 Up to 2000cc
+-0 Rally GT
-3 R5

I also would prefer a RWD season.
Since 2 already "voted" with 2 choices, I say everyone has two upvotes and one downvote.
Votes are not limited to the already shown classes.
My votes go to H3 RWD and Group B RWD.

I will create the new season by friday evening starting this weekend.

Edited by UnderclassGDfan
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1 hour ago, baunau said:

My downvote goes to H3 RWD. I agree with regards to the differences in the class + I believe it was chosen a few seasons ago.

I would think Group B RWD is less balanced, with the 037 clearly fastest and the Porsche slowest.

The Datsun in H3 is too slow for that class (belongs in H2 anyway), and the Ascona, too, but which one do you think is the frontrunner?

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