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Let me GM you through a World of Motorsports

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Today I'd like to try something new. A few months ago I started setting up things with another person for a RP in the World of Motorsports. My partner wanted to be a Driver, I would've GMed them through the season. Sadly I got ghosted after we spent a week putting together our perfect line-up of our fav Drivers and Tracks all over the World.

I'd like to try that again, preferably with someone that doesn't ghost me. We either can set this in the Fictional World I've created, there Formula 1 folded and a new GT Class emerged. There are 20 Races on the Calendar with Races in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and North- and South America. 20 Drivers, male and female. Obviously we still can tweak things to your liking.

Or we can just take real Formula 1 (I'm also into IndyCar, but deepest knowledge I certainly have in F1), you put your OC into your fav Team (maybe not directly Ferrari, Mercedes or Red Bull at the start) and we have fun from there. We definitely also can tweak the Calendar to our liking. Let's be real, nobody needs a Race in Saudi Arabia, or in the Parking Lot of Hard Rock Stadium.

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