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For the past two days i've been spending more time trying to find a suitable race than actually racing.
Its impossible for me to rank my cars because there no one ever online.
Here my problem tho.
I try finding a match that has the same class as my cars.
I rarely find any and if i find one it usually just 1-2 players where you can gain little progress.
Ok,can be solved by hosting your own race. Well after sitting for several hours just waiting for people to join thats a no go.
Ok so why not use the play list?
So 8 out of 10 times i join a play list it creates a new game with just me in it. and then the waiting starts again.
The 2 times you actually manage to join a play list with people racing you are put straight into a hypercars race with people crashing you out in the first corner.
Two problems with that- 1. i dont want to play in cars im not even close to own. 2. its no fun spending money repairing a hyper car.
So basically I have spent 80% of my time just roaming around in and out of lobbies or waiting for people joining my races.
What am I doing wrong? 
And is it possible to split play list into tiers? for a beginner its useless to drive hypercars and supercars etc.

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Having hard time finding any players today as well. Region Finland and playing Touring cars atm. I recall you had to change the steam download region to UK - London in Grid 2, anyone know if it's the same thing? I didn't do it for Autosport since I found plenty of players at first, from scotland to russia.
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LPChip made this great guide. 
Basically I too had troubles until I read this and learned about the loan cars. 
I have now earned enough credits to buy my first second hand car.
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Did Codemasters make another bad decision about online by doing the region lock again like GRID 2?

How many players will not know about the Steam region lock and go online and find out it dead and give up on racing GAS online? Like the players in the US. 2 months after release of GRID 2, it was tough to fine players online if you used a US Steam region. Had to use UK to find players.

We did ask Codies not to do this with GRID Autosport and still Codemasters does it again. :(
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Changing to UK helped for me. I got more players online although it still felt a deserted game.
But i see some obvious issues.
Custom matches are rarely populated with more than 1-3 people.
So you often have 5 matches going on with he same class/racetype but players are spread over them.
I understand why tho. Unless you host these yourself you often end up with some forced setting you dont like. The one I really hate is the force interior cam. I dont understated why a camera should be enforced on people...
second is that assist can only be on or off. Put it on and you risk people using every assist possible(break, steering etc). Turn it off and you cant use abs or tc.
My experience is that most people thinks tc/abs is acceptable while the rest is not.

Then you have play list.
For a low ranker its simply not a good idea to use play list.
You end up driving in cars you do not have the money to drive(repair) and you are bound to be crashed into in a race like that.
Add that even in a perfectly clean race(you didnt crash once) you end up paying more in repairs than you actually earned. That leaves play list a no go until you're rich.

It also makes me wonder how on earth average drivers/casual drivers ever are going to be able to drive anything else than "tier 1" cars without going bankrupt.
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Not hit MP yet but already its sounding like a huge mess that needs rethinking.  I assumed beforehand that you could do your donkey work in the single player, to gain the necessary to buy cars and upgrades for playing online.  Guess I didn't take enough notice.
Same here, I'd hoped I could have made money in SP but unfortunately not. What I did find a bit of a hoot was I deliberately stayed out the back of a race without once hitting anything and at the end of the race was charged over £3000 in repairs ?????

However, I had already decided I was going to take the simple-minded village idiot line and if the driving physics of touring cars was to my liking I'd suffer any other game shortcomings without complaint . . .or, almost no complaint, lol . . .
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You don't change your region on ps3 . you should automatically be playing worldwide man. I've payedvwith French Germans Canadians Greece Spain mexico, so I know ps3 is not region locked.
Great sooo where are they then? lol I couldn't find almost anybody, I played three races since I bought it and i have 23000 just because i sold the vw golf, I took that photo right now with the custom join with any on all options ._.
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