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The Confusing Car Name Thread: S1/E2, 22B/WRC etc…

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As we keep getting reoccurring posts on the naming of certain cars, I thought I would compile a thread with all the answers in one place. So, for any future discussions, people can be directed here.

If you’re here because someone has linked you to this thread, then chances are you have posted one of the dreaded trigger words. Now what did you say?

I said S1E2.
Go to post 2.

I said 22B.

Go to post 3.
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Oddly if you look at the Sport quattro range on the Scalextric website...


...the evolution cars are all correctly designated "E2" apart from the one you have pictured: the researchers must have had a day off when they released that car. :smiley:  

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Since this applies to the "confusing" part of the topic.  There was a lot of questions and accusations about the current Subaru R4, if it was taken out of the R4 category and allowed to be a proper WRC version.  It would look like this:

Pointing out the big wing!  Paul was quoted that it was the old Rally America version, which isn't entirely true.  The 2008 RA version (Proper name VS2008) indeed used the lower profile factory wing.  It wasn't until 2009 did they adopt (acquire?) the WRC wing, probably were leftovers from Subarus WRC exit.  

BTW:  All Vermont Sportscar ID their cars with VSyear or VSXyear for RallyX
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