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Codemasters rally games to Android

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ll Fanatec gangstaz and sim rally bosses - hold up!

I am writing this post because:

  1. I really like to play on my smartphone using a controller

  2. due to some really awful life circumstances, I am unable to just go to my PC and launch Dirt Rally 2.0/Dirt 2-3-4 and all my other beloved rally/racing games :(

For the last 7 months I play only on my phone. I have discovered some really cool rally games - both for Android and for PS2. Rush Rally 3.0 is quite fun, WRC games from Evolution Studios (creators of all-mighty Motorstorm series) run and feel really good on mobile. Grid Autosport is simply awesome (except for the career structure), running at 60 fps on mid-to-high graphic settings.

Man, have you heard Wreckfest is coming to mobile? I cannot wait to check it out!

All these games are great, but I wish I could play at least one rally game from Codemasters on my Android phone too!

I reached Saber Interactive (they ported Grid to Android and IOS) and asked them about it. The did a really good job with porting Codemasters EGO Engine to mobile.

(They answered in a bit unclear and uncertain way though (yeeah, we are developing a lot of games and ports, subscribe to our Facebook page and etc.)

Launching any rally game on EGO engine to mobile would be awesome! There are just no competitors of this size on mobile! Rush Rally is ok, but it doesn't feel that great, Car X Rally is drowning in bad monetization and some nasty bugs.

I would love to pay for almost any Codemasters rally game. Colin McRae Dirt 2 (love it!), Dirt 3, Dirt 4, even Rirt Rally 1 would run and feel awesome on mobile! IMO.

Of course it should be a premium paid game with controller support, just like Grid Autosport echatspin echatrandom. Multiplayer support would be awesome too!

Would you be interested in something like th

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I've never heard about all those games, but now I'm interested in them; thank you. Recently I started finding out about various games and trying something new. I used to play only several particular games repeatedly, and at some point, I decided that it was time to change something. So I'll be glad to see your advice on this topic; I'm sure you have many interesting game variants. You can share RPG games, games online, shooters, and even those like https://online-jigsaw-puzzles.com/. I want to try them all and find something favorite, so I'll wait for your advice. For you to understand my preferences a little more, one of the favorite games of mine is Rise of the Tomb Raider 20 Year Celebration

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