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Joining the 16 grid club


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Evening all, well, been around beats for a long time, but never MPC. Decks, Roland, Yamaha, Korg, Ableton, FLstudio even Reason and Rebirth back in the day. Purchased a load of semi modular, but getting everything working how I wanted it to seemed not possible. Swapped a crave, microbrute and drumbrute impact for an MPC Live, had to keep my Sp808ex and TD3 bass synth.

Gotta say, don't know what took me so long! This stand alone beast I about as flexible as you can get in a box. Previously had the Roland 707, and as groovy as it was, we weren't getting on.

But man o man, every day I find myself a little bit more hooked on the Live. Stacked up with 1tb ssd, sd, usb and internal, I can't believe the storage on this thing! Good buy 512mb smart media cards and 128 sd cards.. Roll in the Terrabytes of Bootiful Beats!!!

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