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Crosswords are drawn puzzles that are usually square or rectangular in shape. The puzzles are filled with black and white squares. The goal of the crossword puzzle is to fill in the blanks with answers to a series of questions. Most crossword puzzles include numbers in white squares so that the player can match each question with a specific answer position. Shaded cells were used to separate the responses. The answers go in white boxes written down, with separate clues for each direction. The answers will intertwine, so answering one question correctly gives you one or more letters that make up part of another answer. When you have completed all the answers correctly, you have "beat" the puzzle. Some crossword puzzles are quite difficult and completing them is an achievement you can be proud of! If you become a crossword master, you can even start working on The NYTimes Crossword Puzzle, a very difficult game. nyt crossword

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