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Little things ... (F1 2016 Wishlist sorta poll)

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It just popped into my head that it would be cool to have little features in F1 2016 that could make it a little bit more hmmm fun ! Such as drivers titles online so for example if your new to online with high overtaking stats and stuff then you might have we say Max Verstappen as your title, and if there was a league sort of part of online if you won the World Championship multiple times you could be like Sebastian Vettel or Lewis Hamilton or maybe if there were PS4 Avatars (I am a PS4 player so I don't know much about xbox's sort of UI and experience :) so if you could have like a Ferrari or Mercedes logo or the odd car or helmets I think it would be cool because little things can make a huge difference sometimes imo ! So this poll is based upon your opininions if this would make a difference to your experience of future F1 games !

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