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[BUG] DIRT 3 - Volumetric Lights


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Hi, I was wondering if there is a slight chance you can fix the bug of the volumetric lights not showing when game is run in Direct X 11 mode?
When I force Direct X 9 they show up correctly as you can see on the screenshots below.

It took me 2 hours to rewrite the shaders and I almost succeeded fixing it for DX11 using shader wrapper, but sometimes model's transform matrices are messed up and I have no control over the data fed to the shader. If I almost succeeded in 2 hours, It shouldn't take you too long I hope.

Btw, going from DX 9 to DX 11 supposed to improve the picture quality not degrade it, am I right?

If you have no plans of fixing that bug, PLEASE at least answer and say no. You will spare me from waiting in uncertainty.
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