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Best SQL transaction log viewer - Windows 2023

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Users can see SQL Server database transaction log files and backups using the SQL Log reader for SQL Server databases. For auditing and recovery tasks, Data Recovery Freeware SQL Log can be utilised locally or remotely. Regardless of the auditing approach, users can audit database changes and present them in a thorough grid where they can be thoroughly examined and analysed, including who made the change and when, as well as the before-after change values and full history of affected rows (local or remote).

When to use the SQL log analyzer

Reason- 01) The MS SQL Log Analyzer programme makes it easy for the user to inspect and read the MS SQL transaction log. It scans the LDF and MDF files and presents a simplified preview of the transactions made on a database. Transaction Type (Insert, Delete, Update, Create, and Drop) and Transaction Time are included in the preview. Users can also view a preview of all the transaction's query details.

Reason- 02) You can learn more about the transactions that were written to the database in detail with the help of the SQL Transaction Log Analyzer tool. You can keep track of database changes and data manipulation (Insert, Update, and Delete). With this tool, you can examine deleted or dropped table data without going through the entire database restoration procedure.

Professional method view the SQL files

For better experience you need to use the professional software like SQL Server Transaction Log Reader

Let's see how this tool works 

Step 01) Launch the SQL analyzer in your system and Add MDF and NDF file.

Step 02) Select the desired log files from preview and click on the next button.

Step 03) Now set the additional features and click on the OK button.

Step 04) Finally your SQL log files recovered and click on the OK button. 

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