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Race Driver GRID ENG 1.3 (REPULSOR FIELD). Gravity...

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When I hit the cars with the Repulse Field, the cars fly up very high and spin around their axis - very strongly. What makes the game less realistic.

In what file and in what value - can I reduce the Power of cars flying up?

Or reduce the force of their torsion around their axis, after hitting them - with a repulse field?

I would like to see - cars Much Faster and Stiffer - come down to the ground.

And now (by default) - The feeling that Gravity is not like on Earth, but like on the Moon;)

p.s.  I use this soft for editing games xml  files , and database.bin ,  raceload.jpk files:

BinXML 1.1  ;  Ego Database Editor  ;  Ego JPK Archiver

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