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Online Issues: Racing line aid, Grid order

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So the new Grid is awesome, but there are a few things, that bothers me.

Racing line aid:
Please, please, please remove this from online racing. It simply kills the essence of  racing. There are no longer true battles between good pilots, it's only about who can follow the line more precisely. You can learn the tracks in the career, but it ruins the multiplayer. Rookie drivers kiss the wall even using it, so it doesn't matter, but when two pro racers meet on the track, you have to switch it on, or else you are in huge disadvantage.
After Grid 2 we have a great engine, it's fun to race,it should be about finding the breaking points, ideal lines, but to stay competitive, you have to fix your eyes on that freakin line, and it gets dull...

Grid order:
First of all, the scoreboard in random playlist lobbies is pointless, but the real problem is the starting grid, based on that. Others said it before me, there is a lobby with a few guys, who have 80-150 points, good racer always starts from pole, basically no real battle, just a start-finish win. On the other hand, lets say I'm even better than him, but I always have to fight through the pack, get wrecked by noobs, while he just flies away without anything holding him up, so points come slowly.
After 5-10  races, I'm leading the scoreboard, hurraaay.... wait, no. Now I'm racking up start-finish wins, or maybe there is a slight excitement, if the second and third guys are good.
To be honest, the one thing I liked in Grid 2 was the grid order. High level, high experience racers always at the back, fighting each other, and through the rest of the pack, so much more adrenaline.
Please do something with this. Random grid, or reversed based on the last race, anything is better than what we have now.
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First off grid order IMO Is how it should be I hate starting in a new room and getting wrecking by the turds at the back of the pack much easier when the top half of the room is in the front and can actually race. You do know that under difficulty on line you can turn the line off if u choose . If what your getting at is it should be off for everyone I dont agree with that. I use just cornering lines on .
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Agree with altering grid positions - I spend ages in one session and it can end up becoming a bit of a time trial until the faster people move up the scoreboard.  Needs a reversed rank/points grid position or something.
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