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Dirt Rally with 3 Screens

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Just purchased Dirt Rally for PC.

I use 3 27" monitors and have no issues with any other racing game titles, iRacing, Race07, Assetto Corsa, Rfactor2.  These all seem to recognize the 3 monitors without needing to do anything more then set the in-game resolution to 5760x1080.  I use an nVidia graphics card.

No matter what I have tried I could not get DR to display on any but the center monitor even setting in-game screen resolution to 5760x1080.

I searched for an answer and found the following information -

Go to your <documents>\My Games\DiRT Rally\hardwaresettings\hardware_settings_config.xml and set the following line:
<eyefinity force="3x1p" osd="" />

I did this DR still only displayed on the center monitor.

In order to get DR to work on 2 monitors I had to change the screen resolution in Windows to 5760x1080.  Once I did that then I found the following regarding setting the in-game FOV -

Now go to your <steam folder>\SteamApps\common\DiRT Rally\cars\generics\eyefinity_cameras_adjustments.xml and set the Fov angle to the value (x2) from the calculator.
<CameraAdjustment class="Head">
<Fov angle="128" /> 
<Tilt percent="100" />
<Position x="0.0" y="0.0" z="30.0" />

This is very useful for setting FOV (my setting is different than the '128' in the example but 3diting the config file works fine.

My question is - Is/was editing the 'hardware_settings_config.xml' file and changing the screen resolution in Windows the correct (only) way to make Dirt Rally work with 3 monitors?

Seem odd that all other racing games I use will work on 3 monitors without needing to change the screen resolution in Windows or editing config files.

Have I missed something or is there something I should do differently?



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