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Universal Warriors // GAS RACE CLUB

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Universal Warriors Race Club
We are currently recruiting 'clean' drivers to join our team...

Universal Warriors is a multi-gaming community that originally started playing Battlefield 3. The community quickly expanded to become one of the biggest Battlefield communities within Battlefield 4. Now with our most valued member's playing a wide range of games, a selection of the member's have formed a GRID: AutoSport Race Club. Our passion for racing has a long history within Toca, GRID, F1, Assetto Corsa & iRacing.

We are looking to create an in-house league, and also a nationwide league, but to do this we need racer's like you! If you prefer to stick to your lines, driving clean races and pushing for that position in a positive way, then Universal Warriors could be the place for you. You will be a valued member of our great, fun, friendly and mature community. Make long lasting friendships with quality player's, share tips and tricks, compete against each-other, team up to compete against others. The possibilities are endless.

We aim to be the best gaming community within the UK. We are open to any nationality, however, our requirements are simple, you MUST speak English, and you MUST be mature. If you would like to join our great community of gamer's, then feel free to jump on our website and get registered. Join our various voice server's and have a chat. Jump into any of our Game Server's also if you wish. But most importantly, come and race with us in our Club; UW Race Club.

We look forward to seeing you at www.universalwarriors.net
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We play mainly in the evenings around 7pm GMT onwards. All members are over 18, except two are 17 but are very mature, age range from 17 to 44. It matter's not if you fast, all we want is racer's to drive clean, enjoy the game, and have fun playing with us! The in house leagues are merely just to add some competitiveness within our group, but it's all light-hearted really.


As stated above, most members play around 7pm GMT onwards, myself however is on around 9.30pm GMT onwards due to work daily. So most evenings is when we play, the two younger guys might be on earlier but as most of us have work its evenings mainly!

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Just a quick bump, and also we are now looking for Endurance racer's to help improve our Club Level XP in that area. But any discipline is welcome, heck I play them all, although I havn't got into drift yet, would like someone on PC interested in drifting to maybe join in with me as most of our crew aren't that interested in Drift events.

So what are you waiting for? Become a warrior today!

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