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V8 SuperCars 3 - Old Win7 StarForce Driver issue

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Hi there,

I have the almost identical problem as the OP in the topic linked below, even though this is an old issue I hope you can provide some assistance to get my game title back from the dead.


I note that the topic link is old and goes back to 2014 but I had hoped by now there would have been some movement on the StarForce Driver patch for "V8 SuperCars 3" enabling it to run under Windows 7 operating Systems that require a Signed Starforce Driver to allow it to pass DVD security measures and run.

I originally had it running on my old WinXP 32bit system with hardware meeting the Recommended specs, but found that the FPS and display of game was less than satisfactory. So later on was required to install Win7 Pro 64bit to go with a new System and completely new upgraded components capable of delivering a superior gaming experience. Because the XP OS was no longer supported by MS I decided to upgrade, but have unfortunately rediscovered just how many things will not work under Win7 without properly signed drivers. My StarForce Driver version is for V8 SuperCars Australia is v3.07.013.000

Because I have tried to run the available updating tools from the StarForce support website without success and have restarted the OS to find Win7 has disabled the driver because even the update delivered unsigned problematic drivers, it also caused OS boot issues causing Win7system repair to activate disabling the new driver and StarForce updating. Checking for the updated SF GUI causes the reintroduction of my older SF driver. Making my relatively underutilised legitimate copy of V8 SuperCars 3 unplayable unrunnable, because of a security measure.  

I have Emailed Starforce to ask about this Driver update and have received suggestions to use their removal tool for the Starforce Drivers because it was not supported nor their responsibility or even within their capacity to create such updated drivers, they claimed that it is the responsibility of the Game title creator "Codemasters to create this updated StarForce Driver suitable for Win7 Operating Systems

I would like to request that a suitable Starforce driver for Win7 be made available to finally be able to have some use from a legitimately purchased product, without third party DVD security drivers preventing effective continued use while gaining the benefit of supposedly better Operating Systems and PC hardware.

Is or has there been made such an update, and if so where can I find a Safe Secure Reliable place either here @ Codemasters or on the internet to replace my non working SF drivers which are installed from the DVD 

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Bumping this one..........! after 9days

Seriously Codemasters, please show some interest. Original topic posted on 5th March 2016 not one response as yet. Since I was generous enough to purchase your product perhaps you could return favour and provide support. Surely there are Codemasters developers able to provide an updated StarForce driver to allow genuine customers to have their game pass DVD security checks in Win7s signed driver policy. The technology isn't that old after all.

Cheers Jethro

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