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Running out of memory at higher resolutions causing error 41...

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Having run the game locked at 60 with vsync for months,otherwise over 100fps but with screen tearing, i updated to a new monitor with a higher resolution. 

Old monitor was 1920x1200.

I experimented with super resolution, increasing it to 2560x1600 in game and playing with the old monitor connected.  This was still fine at 60, except i was starting to see issues on night stages and/or full length stages.

Today i connected up my new monitor, 2560x1440 and have been experiencing similar issues.

Finland at night, ran a few minutes into the stage, made a mess of a tree, hit restart, got back to roughly the same area that i restarted at and experienced frame stuttering, heavy, not the slight annoyance/micro stuttering people have experienced in the past, the frame rate was also struggling down 45-50 for this period, after maybe 30-60 seconds of driving, it cleared up again, back to 60 and also smooth.  I believe this was a short stage, but at night.

Most of my settings are high or ultra, the system can handle that, even after the screen res hike, and hold the solid 60 FPS, the GFX card is  280X with 3GB RAM.

After much messing around on stages, it seems that the texture memory is messing around, dropping just the texture setting down from ultra to high is enough for the game to feel silky smooth, even though i'm still at the same 60fps with vsync.
I just completed the daily with a long welsh stage in the rain/daytime, that should have stuttered around half way through, it did not.

Additionally, i have run several stages earlier, taken some screenshots, finished rallying and exited to the game menus, alt tabbed as i usually do to manage the screenshots, but the game insta-error 41'd.

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