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Favorite GA Experience So Far

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I am pretty boring. For the first couple of days I've spent most of my time zooming round practicing the tracks in the OpenWheelers. Is fun. But last night decided it was time to try something else.

So went into the hypercars and got the Pangini and took it for a spin round Paris. That was fantastic fun. I don't know whether the Paris circuit was on Grid 2, but it was the first time I played it. The course is so tight and that car goes so fast and feels so completely overpowered for the course. Making the thing fly down the tunnels while desperately hoping you can avoid the sides at 170 ... pretty exciting stuff. The car was wrecked after 20 mins of practice. Hopefully I'll get better.
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at the moment I'd have to say I'm loving the Endurance discipline loving racing all these tracks at night, But then I'm loving all of it at the moment. That would be my number 1 thing at the moment though. The tracks look absolutely stunning at night the people who did them did a fabulous job and deserves to take credit for the work.
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