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As we all know that in grid 2 there were certain cars that everyone used. Now I'm wondering if that holds true with autosport. I'm saving up my cash but I'm ready to buy a few different vehicles . not sure if we could get a thread stickied so we can discuss what cars are best per discipline. Also @loore are we only allowed 5 cars in our garage ,cause I'm not sure how it works then if your racing touring for instance and there is what 5 or 6 different category's under touring . guess I need some clarification before I go and start spending my money.
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I've answered the garage issue in another post; http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/1248/garage-space#latest, basically you start with 5 I believe and then you can purchase more slots as you XP level increases.

As for my favorite cars, the BMW in Touring Class C isn't too bad, excellant handling, the caterham 300r in Open Wheel is planted well, and can take most corners fairly flat out! But it is still early days yet, so I'm still undecided. @flowaangelz makes a valid point with the fact that there is many factors involved...
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