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Epic Career Mode. F1 Challenge 90-2015

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One thing a few people have been screaming for in Career modes is Driver Changes. A huge factor in Career Modes going stale is without a doubt going through five years being the ONLY driver to switch teams. Disgustingly Unrealistic. Obviously Licensing issue stop this and Codies don't have the pockets Ea did for F1 Manager. (A game with the ability to change drivers , staff AND sponsors for your team.) 

In comes F1 challenge, a game made by the aforementioned EA. This game includes 4 seasons, 99,00,01,02 so you could say they included Driver Changes, but they were hardly dynamic. 

But F1 Challenge does have something else; almost complete control. Its chocked full of mods and with a bit of  know how you can pretty much change EVERYTHING. I'm looking to exploit this.

Starting off as a 16 yr old Driver shocking the world by getting the Tyrell drive, the goal is simple: Rewrite History and with the ability to make Driver and Vehicle changes, it should be pretty fun. What if Senna never died? What if Alesi picked Bennetton over Ferrari? What if BAR were actually good? What if some random Irish kid with a Laptop time-travelled to the past and  bumblefucked his way into a Tyrell?  Want to find out? Of bloody course you do!


Hopefully you could spare your time and possibly even humour me with a like and subscription. I'd have absolutely no reason to not upload if this got even a small amount of recognition. 

I start of with a controller but I'll be getting a wheel for it very soon. I ordered a t150 off of Amazon and you can imagine how happy I was when it didn't bloody work.

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Why not start from the beginning? 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8DnzBU0bcg (Not my video)


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