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(Xbox) Throttle glitch temporary fix

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I'm using the Thrustmaster Ferrari spider racing wheel with no assists, cockpit view and Expert AI in the championship season.  

I did some research and found out there's a throttle glitch that only registers 80% of your pedal press.  Because of this, the AI pull away from you on the straights but I also noticed people online have no problems passing you on straights as well.  

I found out that if you connect your contoller while your steering wheel is still connected and switch to the Xbox controller preset for the driving controls and back you will be much faster.  You just have to make sure you do it while you are in the session for some reason.

Step 1:  Load the game with your wheel

Step 2: Turn on your contoller and go to the xbox home, then back to the game

Step 3: Start a session

Step 4: With your controller, pause and switch the preset to xboxone controller and unpause.

Step 5: Pause again (with wheel or controller) and switch it back to your wheel

and Wa-la!! You should be 2-3 seconds faster a lap and can keep up with the AI no problem on straights for that session and maybe the one after.  I hope this helps, please let me know if it works for you or not.

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