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GRID Autosport - Connection to session lost.

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So, this has been happening to me for an hour now, in the middle of races on the official playlists i get abruptly booted with the message: "Connection to session lost"

I don't think the problem is on my end cause 3 of my co-racers also got booted at the same time, over and over, one of them from a totally different country than me, so yeah.

Look into it? I'd love to play the game i just bought.

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same here, but happens randomly, in the menus, while in the middle of the race, any time. getting black screens too, but at different times, not sure if those are connected. the so called "fix" with turning off 4k textures is just not good enough, if it's there for use and it's not called "beta", it should be working right and i don't think crashing the game is the way it suppose to be working lol.

my pc specs are: 2600k (no overclocking), 16gigs of memory (1600), 780Ti (factory OC), W7, G25 (profiler and drivers installed). everything works fine in every other game, CM games included.
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Mybe it's related to something called UPnP , Universal Plug and Play. To make long things short, this technology opens some ports in your router to allow communication.
I have it disabled, and I won't enable it!!!!!
the ports can also be opened by hand, just need to know which ones!!!!!

A little more documentation, please, Code-Smashers.
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