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Badger GP league


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This has been posted a few times, but to make one last advert for it before the season starts, we have a Bagder GP 'Fantasy League' friends league for Codemasters Forums members set up by @SynGamer. We've only got 5 people in it at the moment and it'd be cool to get as many people a part of it as possible. It's completley free, in case you're wondering. 

For anyone who's not heard of it, it's a prediction game sort of like the GP predictor game we already have here, but with perhaps a bit more strategy and a few more parts to it - as well as making predictions for race weekends you also 'manage' a team of drivers and teams who score you points based on real life results/performances. Naturally, you can't have all the best drivers and teams on your 'pit wall' so you need to decide on how to distribute your in game funds. 

Here's the the link for the website and the passcode for our individual league:

Link: http://badgergp.com/fantasygp/friends/
Passcode: 1276176
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I would also encourage all of you to join and take a shot at defeating the one and only Jiggy. I doubt that you guys have what it takes. I have been left bored with the competition during the majority of my glorious existence, can you bring me the excitement this legend needs?

Defeat me if you dare.

Seriously guys, join man, only 5 people in it is kind of dull.
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