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A small complaint about the recent soundtracks for GRID games.

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I'm not sure if the original composer of the GRID soundtrack reads these forums but if he does I hope he takes this opinion into account. When the original GRID launched I thought it had the perfect music that got you pumped up to race, especially when it played as you raced against Ravenwest. The crazy mix of a movie soundtrack orchestra mixed with hard techno. Remember this? And I will never forget the first time this played in the final 2 minutes of the 24 hours of Le Mans race as I tried to hold back 2 Audi R10's for the win.

Then Grid 2 came along and the intensity was dramatically decreased. Compare the above to tracks like this or this and I doubt you'd get as excited listening to the grid 2 soundtrack. It had become a mix of strange break-beat drums with some orchestra thrown in. (I am in no way an expert in creating music or music terms.)

With grid autosport it is much the same as Grid 2. It leaves me disappointed as a music fan that I have to go back to the original Grid to get my adrenaline pumping with the use of music with motorsport. I should postface this by saying I love the menu soundtracks for all grid games they seem to be perfect, it's the in-game / replay soundtracks that leave me disappointed.
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Agreed, the music in the first GRID was way more prominent and i dont think that was a bad thing. Also the music in the replays of GAS is kinda low volume (atleast in standard settings) and kind of forgettable. Dirt 2 had the best replay music ever in my oppinion and GRID was good aswell. So Codies know how to deliver on that part so i hope for them to give that area a bit more love again for future titles.
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Mmm. GRID's soundtrack was amazing all round. As you said, the music playing right at the end of LeMans was just perfection. 
Then Grid 2 came along and the intensity was dramatically decreased. Compare the above to tracks like this
I think that one is on par with GRIDs OST  :D And one or two others, ''Gridlocked'' comes to mind, but there were a few ''mehs'' in the OST. A mixed bucket.

GAS has an alright OST, but yeah, it's not adrenaline pumping. Also lacking the orchestral pieces that I so dote upon is a real shame. I guess GAS is just following modern music.
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