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Following this advice from Downer72 helped fix the issue 
Not sure this will help anyone but just in case - I nearly gave up on this game yesterday but finally isolated the problem so in case it helps anyone ... here is how I resolved it.
PROBLEM: Game was not playable due to some kind of interrupts every few seconds on input control. ie when my G27 was plugged in I could not drive because the game and wheel seemed to be disconnecting from each other every few seconds or there was a pause between what was happening in the game and what was happening on my wheel (sometimes with game stutters and drops in frames to 30fps). If I unplugged the wheel then I could drive on keyboard no issues with solid 60fps, and this did not happen with some other driving games I have, so I thought it was just F1 2015 ... finally though I tested Dirt 3 saw it was suffering the same plight ... so figured it was hardware.
SOLUTION: Bascially it turned out to be a USB conflict ...I unplugged everything and one by one plugged things back in again ... turned out my two Eizo 2434 monitors have usb 3 hubs built in, and they are somehow conflicting with the G27. 
So ... several hours of testing and digging and I guess the best advice is if you get this - unplug everything else that is connected via USB (incl keyb and mouse) and see if it is still a problem, if the issue goes away then start with mouse and keyboard and plug things in one by one till you figure out what is causing your conflict.

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Hey, I guess you put this up over two years ago, but just wanted to say thanks for posting your solution!  Had the exact same issue with a DFTG (Driving Force GT) on multiple games and across two different DFGTs recently.  Solution was to unplug the USB hub on my Philips monitor, and like magic it was back to normal, so almost the exact same issue.  I bet the hubs run on the same chipset or something like that.  You saved me a lot of headaches!
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