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achievement - spirit of the rally


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Didzis said:
Keeping the car at 2nd or 3rd gear constantly at full revs with damaged radiator should prove very efficient at destroying the engine.
You don't really need to do that. With a busted radiator your engine will degrade in a few stages with normal driving too. And you are going to need a few stages anyway, because some components take longer to break.
Yes, for example... engine. On Quattro it takes ages to bust it up. With that you can not only quickly but also very accurately degrade the engine at the last stage for example. You're not gonna be driving normally in those stages, so I don't see the point on waiting for that to degrade the engine. I prefer less stages that will be all about wrecking the car rather than more that will be just annoying.

Not to mention, radiator can't go down to 0%. At least every time I got it to 0% I got terminal damage...
I set 6 stages and that was enough to damage other things and not worry specifically about damaging the engine, because that happened without any real effort (like driving in single gear). For me the problem wasn't that I didn't damage the car enough but that I damaged it too much. Near the end I had to almost crawl, not to get a DNF for various reasons
Weird about that radiator, I've had multiple times where it's gone to 0% and no DNF
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dgeesi0 said:
easiest way of doing this is doing hillclimb.i didnt it second time in hillclimb.in every other way couldnt do it
Any pointers on doing it in Hillclimb?
i did it in championship 2 runs. damaged car as much as i could then on second run looked at what needed repair and fixed just enough to finish run.then did it.
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I followed @RyuMakkuro's Steam guide but mistakenly hit Continue after getting full Driveshaft damage, forcing me to retire. 

Once I started a new Career event though the Achievement unlocked anyway, which is strange. 
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