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F1 2015-PC Micro Stutters with T500RS


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With my T500rs plugged in I get micro stutters in the menu and in any game mode.  It makes the game unplayable, i'll get a pause for a fraction of a second every 10 secs or so.  I don't have this on any other game.  If i unplug the T500 and use an xbox controller its fine...??

I cant find anyone else with the same problem.  Its seems similar to the FPS drop some have reported.
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The problem is caused by the machine going inactive, screensaver coming on in background and machine running IDLE tasks

The setting (i forget where) to allow device to wake?  was greyed out when I found It.

To fix this problem Im using a program which simulates a keystroke once per minute which effectively keeps the machine from going into screensaver mode or idle.

I ended up writing my own but there is an excelent one available from

Turn it on while playing off when done

It is a very annoying problem especially in the middle of corners and took me months to track down.

Hope this helps

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