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fIsince08 said:
I never knew the SoL used to have four massive spotlights! They look awesome!

Shame they don't use them anymore :(
Foo Fighters are playing SOL next May, so maybe they'll get put into use then...
No I think it's a mechanical issue, the lights were basically the same ones used during WW2 to light up enemy aircraft so parts are hard to come by and cost a fortune.
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AMS97KRR said:
What is going on at Old Trafford to cause so many injuries? De Gea out for 4 weeks now. And Carrick is injured again...

Seriously, it's not even funny anymore
Did you not read about how the new manager makes them train? There was something written about it when he first came, while the Holland manager many players got muscle injuries because of it.

Here's the first link that popped up about it when I searched. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2818806/Manchester-United-broken-record-Louis-van-Gaal-s-35-injuries-worst-league-start-1986.html
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Platy said:
The guy who done the investigation has distanced himself from the published report, FIFA have to publish the full, uncensored one. The whole situation is hilarious and a complete joke.
I thought the guy who did the investigation has said FIFA have published an ''incomplete'' report or something like that ?
Something like that, don't remember the exact details but I think he claimed that they had left important parts out or something. Either way its a massive embarrassment to FIFA.
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