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AMS97KRR said:
So, how long until Rodgers is sacked?
On the same day Carrick stays fit for longer than a week? :stuck_out_tongue: 

How long will the Utd players stay loyal to Utd if they they don't CL this year?

Better question, how long will Utd be financially viable if they don't get CL this year? You got a lot of big players on big wages that are only there because of big promises about CL next year. ;)
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I think you put an extra "o" by mistake mate

Also, De Gea is arguably the 3rd best keeper around right now, I wouldn't say Neuer is "on another level". Better, yes but anyone would be happy with either of them in their goal. You'd love De Gea right now, don't deny it ;)
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