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Hughesy said:
Stanley vs. United 3rd round? Come on Stanley! :smiley: 
Fuck off, we are beating them and playing Man United! Come on Yeovil! :p
You know that wont be the case, it's that F.A. Cup magic of taking out a team 1 league above and then having United travelling the hour and selling out the game!
You guys only just manged a draw against us, with us playing the worst I've seen all season, and that's saying something when we are 23rd in League 1 ;) We also had no fit strikers on the bench, and were missing our best winger Joel Grant. Got my ticket and can't wait, I take it you won't be coming down to Huish Park? Should be a full stadium as if we get through (big if with the way we've played this season) we need a ticket from this game and our league game against Colchester to get priority for a Man United ticket.

 The phones were crazy this morning and the amount of people at the ticket office. It's very clever from the club, as even if we don't get through there will be full stadiums for both those games. It does annoy me the amount of "fans" that turn out when there's a possible big game, they should come all the time and we'd maybe win more. The biggest mistake Gary Johnson did was sell our top scorer Paddy Madden and midfielder Ed Upson last season, as we haven't been the same since.
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