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Official Football Thread

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My brothers mate is camping outside Huish Park tonight to get our tickets for the FA cup game against Man United :) Fucking annoying how suddenly we have so many "fans". Come every fucking week then maybe the club would grow. I'm just annoyed I couldn't get a season ticket this season like last, as I would already have my ticket now :(
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Hughesy said:
Hughesy said:
Got my ticket for the FA cup game against Man United, come on Yeovil! B)
Tickets have all been sold now :)
You're only going to see united....... :P
Except I go nearly every week to watch Yeovil and had a season ticket last season :p
I know that was a joke btw.
Even though tickets have sold out, someone has put some in the away end on sale for over £300! Whoever buys them are stupid, as they only costed £35 :o
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Di Maria out again. 

Van Gal says, 
"It is not a muscle injury, It is more the pelvis does not have the right relationship with the leg."

You mean the leg and pelvis have broken up and getting a divorce, right?

Just a quick question as I'm curious, Did the pelvis cheat on the leg or was it the other way round?

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