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Official Football Thread


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BT just announced what they'll be bringing to the table next season in regards to the CL and just football....

  • 223 Champions League and Europa League matches televised
  • Doubled the number of Premier League matches
  • Lowered prices 
  • Gary Lineker, Jake Humphrey and Rio Ferdinand are the main presenters
  • They are joined by Paul Scholes, Michael Owen, Steve McManaman and Owen Hargreaves as well as new signings; Steven Gerrard, Harry Redknapp, Glenn Hoddle and Howard Webb
  • New channel "BT Showcase" will broadcast some football games. Its a free to air channel so people that aren't BT Subs can still watch the CL
  • Ultra HD (4K)

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"Lowered prices" So are they going to give me money? As I get BT Sport for free... As far as I know they're going to charge for the new channel. Another point, they might say 4K, but the matches won't be broadcast in 4K, it'll just get upscaled, as at the moment matches are only shot in 720p or 1080i (but not 1080p) Maybe the odd game will be shot in 4K, but only 1 or 2 matches in the next year.

Edit: Yep I was correct, they want me to pay £5 for this "new" channel, so I'm not sure how that's cheaper than free :joy: 
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But you get a lot more sport for your money, a lot more. I pay a lot as it is for BT Broadband, which is meant to include the BT sports package free, but it's ok because they've added a "new" channel which they didn't need to do.
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