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Official Football Thread

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Lukedfrt said:
Haha, Cabrini are shocking, the kit was released like 2 months late... And they definitely shouldn't have hired me  :p
Bit like ours last season. Came it, it was awful (and I mean awful) the badge was off to the side and was completly wrong. They all had to be sent back, so we didn't get them until mid season, and they still charged full price. I always buy the new top, but not this season as it looks crap. There's more white than green, when I first started watching them it was mostly green, seems more white creeps in each season...  :|
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Oh FIFA/UEFA, this is silly. Freedom of speech isn't allowed, must respect FIFA at all times as they are so respectable........ :joy: 

Yea I know, daily mail, but for once I agree with them.
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Hughesy said:
fIsince08 said:
SIX IN A ROW!!! :D                                             
You guys did well today, although before the red Newcastle were on top. Nonetheless you deserved that win, plus I hate McClaren. :D
I thought we were atrocious in both halves. Wasn't a red either but oh well!
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Yep, problem for us is we are a tiny club, getting to the championship was crazy. Even when in the Championship the budget was smaller than most L2 clubs. It all went downhill when we suddenly sold Paddy Madden, he was the top scorer in L1 in season we went up, then had a bust up with the manager, the rest is history.... 

This season it's all down to the shit manager we brought in to replace Gary Johnson. Before the season even started I said he wasn't the man to take us forward and got a load of abuse for it. Now the same people who had a go at me now want him sacked. Pic of my tweets before the season started

Tweet from that guy last night
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Jiggy said:
I like how Gary Neville was rated as a pundit on the merits of being the only one who actually said something insightful once in a while.

Hoping he does well at Valencia though.
not going to  be easy but yeah I agree. If he does as well at management as he did as a pundit hopefully he should do well but only time will tell.
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Again! Wasn't it that there were goldfish found on the pitch last time it flooded?
I believe it was Nemo, and he was found :joy: Think they are going to do a ground swap and might use a Scottish ground, which is even worse for us Yeovil fans. Think in the cup it should be if it can't be played at home then the tie should be swapped around....
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