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I have problem Grid Autosport Online - Help!

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Every time I go to play online, my time whenever the error, it increases the count and I end up losing positions late in the race, I believe it is not penalty, because as you can see in the picture, my time is changed in the middle of the race, I do not know what can be ... 


Look this image
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I may misunderstand, but are you playing "time attack" mode rather than "racing" as if watching on tv?

In "time attack" the person that wins the contest and is 1st, is the player who got the fastest lap, and not necessarily the driver who passed the chequered flag 1st.  Everyone gets 3 lap attempts to get the fastest lap time.  It's like F1 qualifying session, not the actual race.

(Hope this helps, but as I say I may have misunderstood your combined image and Q.  If so just ignore me! ) #:-S
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Also thought about DJ007, but the way I showed al the three images were racing, time attack and not, in the third picture, this time checking "+00:04,767" was a timer that was going on, or even me passing the finish line, the time has not stopped and counting one more time before reset ...
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