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XBox One Fully Loaded Mini Pack


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Thank you for submitting your recent request to Codemasters Customer Services concerning Dirt Rally.
We are aware of an issue whereby the Fully Loaded Mini DLC is not appearing in game for some Xbox One users when the following is true:
1) You have a retail, physical copy of the game (i.e. not a digital download)
2) You entered the DLC code before the 7th April 2016
If either of the above are not the case then this issue will not affect you. In which case you should ensure that you have downloaded the DLC from the Xbox Store, as this needs to be completed before the Mini will appear in-game.
If both of the above conditions are true, you have downloaded the DLC and it is not appearing in-game, then please accept our apoloogies. We are working with Microsoft to resolve the problem and ensure that all customers will receive the Fully Loaded Mini and other content.as soon as possible. However, as the solution is taking longer than we would like we can issue a new DLC code to you to overcome this problem.
In order for us to do this, can you send us a scan or picture of both the sheet containing your original DLC code (clearly showing the code itself) and proof of purchase? Please ensure that you send both items and we can then issue a new code.

Hope this helps.

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