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Window Mode Framedrop

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Hey Guys
Since I have just an 4:3 monitor (I know it isn't standard anymore...) i want to play Dirt Rally in Window Mode to have a bigger field of view.
But as soon as I leave the fullscreen mode the game gets big freezes (I get a frame about every 2 seconds). During this time the game doesn't respond (for example in the menu).
When I press alt+enter again to get in fullscreen the game runs like charme.
Since I have this bug I also cant't use the mouse in the game anymore, maybe it has something to do with it.
If it matters my PC:
Intel i5 2500k
8gb Ram
ati 6950 2Gb
Win10 64 Bit
Normally the game runs with everything maxed out except "Advanced Blending" with about 50-60 fps.

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Sounds like your PC loses focus if its not full screen,ie. resources like memory and cpu are lowered because it thinks you are multitasking between screens, 

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