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Can you guys exchange ADC PRESTEZA-14 for Chevrolet Sonic Stock Car Brasil?

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Well, actually CAT A Touring Cars are Stock Car Brasil's touring cars.

In Stock Car Brasil Peugeot 408 and Chevrolet Sonic face each others off in the season. What I'm asking is for Codies change ADC PRESTEZA logos, names and change the car's front bumper to correct Chevrolet Sonic ones.

And you guys had problems lincensing Chevrolet?

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The same thing happened also with Grid 2 do you remember the GC10 Gomez Competition? It was a VW Scirocco i'm sure! So by the way why did u cutted out VOLVO s60 and VW Scirocco(both from the Belgian tc)????! Give us again these two cars for Grid Autosport please as a free dlc!
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The Chevvy was actually on our hit list but we had trouble getting everything all sorted in time for the game's release (read: licensing). I won't go into too much detail about the licensing side of things but let's just say it gets very complicated :)

In the end we had to make a call, lose the two car competition or go with a fictional car, we opted for the fictional. 
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